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Guatemala Missions Yard Sale (8.29.09)

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What: Yard Sale
When: Saturday (8.29.09) 7am - ??
Why: To raise fund for a Guatemala Service Project
Who: 7 men from 3 churches
Where: 1620 W Davis St., Burlington, NC 27215

What are we selling: A LOT of Stuff but here are some things you will find
  • Fishing poles/tackle box
  • rototiller
  • furniture
  • toys for children/babies
  • baby clothes/shoes*
  • childrens clothes/shoes*
  • books
  • electronics
  • picture frames
  • 55 gallon aquarium
  • Large dog carrier
  • blinds
  • vacuum cleaner
  • sooo much more (fills 3 rooms of an empty house completely!)
All proceeds go to fund the 2009 Guatemala Service Project Trip. 7 men from Alamance County are flying to Guatemala to serve the missionaries of Word of Life-Guate. While there, they will install a 5000sq. foot tile floor in an eating area that serves 3,000 people each year. These men are giving of their time and energy to serve others this October. The cost of this trip for all 7 men is around $6000 which they must raise on their own (That's the reason for our yard sale :-)

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation toward this mission, please make checks payable to "Brookwood Church" and mark in the memo "Guatemala 2009". Thanks so much!

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re:focus tonight @ 6:45

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Join us tonight for another night of discovery.

Tonight we search how we can continue to be close to God when bad things happen.

See you @ 6:45pm

-Pastor Cody

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Frontline Football Xtreme! Join Today

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Whether your a die hard Football Fan or you could CARE LESS...we want you to join the Frontline Football Xtreme. Create a Fantasy Football team and compete with others in our group plus some special guests we've invited in. It's easy, it's fun, and half of the time someone wins who knows nothing about the sport ;-)

Here is how to sign up:

Once you are there, click "Join A League"

You will then be asked for a YahooID. Either log-in if you have one or get one by registering.

You will then need to click on "Join Custom League"

Our League ID is: 55753
Our League Password is: release

Then you are off. Create your team. Give it a cool name. Then wait for the automatic draft. Try some sort of strategy or just leave the team alone to play some football!

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...word (09.27.09)

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Join The Rebellion
Sunday, September 27th, 2009
Details coming this weekend...

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Frontline:NY09 - It's Not a Ferris Wheel...It's The Wonderwheel!

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I should be fired for not posting this sooner. OK maybe not fired but at least reprimanded. Take a seat and enjoy this one.

Background: It's Coney Island in Brooklyn, NY. The Wonderwheel is a great and somewhat scary ride for those who haven't been on it. Until now, Erin had never ridden it. Hilarious.

It's Not A Ferris Wheel...It's The Wonderwheel from Frontline Student Ministries on Vimeo.

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Frontline:NY09 - (VIDEO) The Washington Square Fountain

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Check out this video of us! This is Washington Square Park in Lower Manhattan. It was cold and a great relief after a hot day. Note: Erin is already soaking wet before she ever put on the poncho :-)

Frontline:NY09 - Let's Jump In The Fountain from Frontline Student Ministries on Vimeo.

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