In Focus: The Right Time (John 2)

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I hope and pray that your week has been great. As John, Dale, and I are out of the country, I reflect on how blessed I am to be able to work with youth. Sure you guys are facing a LOT of pressures but to see you fight through them is a very rewarding. I miss my family so much and I definitely miss my Frontline family as well. Read after the devo for a quick update on us.

I am so excited to be studying this chapter. So much of the story has me perplexed and asking explorative quesions. Let's look at what we know about the situation outside of what we see specifically in the words.

- This happens the 3rd day after arriving home in Galillee. The life of Christ was well chronicled following the initiation of His ministry. Galilee is Jesus home and it would have been familiar to him with numerous people still around that He grew up with.

- His mom was at the wedding. This marriage was a major event for her as well. The words used to describe her presence there indicate a relationship with the hosts that extends beyond just a general aquaintance.

- Jesus was invited to the event in a different manner. It was an honor to have him in their presence. Yeah!

- What else do you see happening here?

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