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Summer 2009 promises to be absolutely amazing as Frontline returns to New York City. This year will be unique however because it will be the first time that Brookwood and Integrity will join together to minister in NYC! So here are the details (few as they may be right now.)

Cost: TBD (approx $700 for room/food/transportation/etc...)

Dates: July 18-25

Mission: Daycamp/Bible Club in Brooklyn

Lodging: Polytechnic University, Brooklyn

This trip is open only to High School students at this time (Students who have completed grade 9 and up).

If there is enough interest from our Middle School students and parents, we are definitely open to having a week for Middle School students to head to NYC as well. If you are a Middle School student and have discussed it with your parents, email us ( and we will review the option in August.

Official sign-up will begin in Mid-August. However, those with Facebook can join the NY'09 group now to begin discussion of Fundraisers and outreach opportunities. This Facebook group can be found by clicking here.

Here are deadlines to mark on your calendar:
  1. November 30th: Application Deadline*
  2. December 7th: $100 Deposit Due
  3. February 15th: $300 Payment
  4. April 12th: $300 Payment

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