Guate Travel Update

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11:00am - We've made it through security and are waiting to board for Miami.

12:38pm - all have boarded and we are waiting to go...all our airplane rookies are going to be 'welcomed' by the crew!

2:40pm - Safely on the ground in Miami. Great flight!! Everyone seemed to have a good time on the flight including the rookies.

7:21pm - after a delay, we are finally on the plane. We are flying an A300 to guate which is nice. We are sooo ready to be there. We have had fun in Miami with a ton of games amd silly Reid making everyone bust a gut laughing.

10:15pm - We are safe on the ground

12:02 - Eating 'dinner' at the office and headed out to the camp. Temp is in the 60's and it is rainin.

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1 Response to "Guate Travel Update"

  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. Hey Team,
    Glad you're all safe and finally in Guatemala! We're all praying for you, loving you and missing you...yes, already. Thanks for the updates and keep em coming when you can.
    Vicki S.