What's Up From Guatemala

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One week down, and what a great week it has been. The team has been working very hard at the camp with much success. The weather has been very hot and humid so it can be very exhausting work. SO far about 90% of the cleaning and varnishing of the buildings is complete. Many have had to battle their fear of heights to get this accomplished. The kitchen has been a little struggle. The first day about 1/4 of the tile was laid and then realized the floor was very uneven and the tile had to be taken back up and the whole kitchen leveled with concrete. But praise God the concrete has been laid and two rooms of the kitchen have been tiled and grouted. God rocks!!! The attitudes of our team even through struggles has been nothing but Christ-like. The only comments we hear are whatever it takes we will get it done. The Word of Life staff have been so touched by the teams hard work.

We have had group devos every night and that seems to bring the team closer to God and each other. It is a great time of how God is working in each life. Cody, John, Chris, and Virgo have created a council and every night have awarded the hard worker award to a male and female of the team, it has been a great new addition this year. (Kristina calls them the dum-dum council) They are quite silly!! Many of our guys have led worship for us during devos. it has been such a blessing to watch these guys praise our Awesome God!!

Today we are in Antigua for a break! It has been a very fun and relaxing time for all. Kristina, the kids, Brittany and Will will be staying in Antigua tonight and Kristina will be driving them to the airport tomorrow morning to check them in and see them off. We will truly miss both of them. They are such a vital part of this team and they will be missed greatly. That is all for now. Please keep us in your prayers and visit the web album online at

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