Guatemala Recap: Day 6 - Hogar Dulce Hogar

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By day 6 on a trip to Guate, you wake up somewhat used to the routine, relatively unaffected by the heat, sure that the bathroom will be part of your day, and ready to work still in need of rest. All of this and you can still smile because the missionaries have gone from pleasant acquaintances to dear brothers and sisters. Some struggle with how they could be so far from home and yet be right at home. That is why today is difficult for the group. Today, we work and sweat alongside of Will and Brittany for the last time this trip. They are only here for a week and must return to the USA on Sunday. They will spend Saturday in Antigua with Kristina and the kids before going to the airport Sunday morning.

Today work continues extremely well although the "sickness" has spread through several more of the team. Carter seems most affected by the illness. Although he hasn't felt well, he has been right in and among the work. Seeing his sister "work for Jesus" as she says, he wanted to be a part too. However, by early after lunch, Carter had it so I (Cody) gave Kristina a break and let her continue to work and I took Carter to the cabin for some rest. During this time I finished preparation for the message I would preach on Sunday.

For days, Kristina had been the object of quite a bit of teasing from the boys. "La Laguna..." they would chant day and night when they would see her indicating they wanted to throw her in the lake. She would smile and simply say "Try and you will be hurt." They'd often ask me what to expect (I simply responded "Pain"). However, up until today, Friday, it seemed that the boys had a fear of Kristina.

According to eyewitness accounts, Kristina was grouting the kitchen floor with the kitchen team. As she got up to leave the kitchen, William grabbed her arms from behind and said "La Laguna!" Like a pack of wolves, the guys pounced (Chris and Dale wisely away from flying arms and legs until she was secured.

"Ouch SHE BIT ME!" one guy said.

"That hurt" someone else moaned.

Yet they moved quickly from the cafeteria to the lake. Without hesitation, that swung her out over the water and let go. Just then...allegedly...Jose pushed a bunch of the boys in (replay says differently). Kristina was in the lake after almost a week in Guatemala. Now admittedly she was one of many thrown in but it seemed to satisfy most everyone's funny bone. Mia even laughed a whole lot!

More water madness followed as the pool played host to "King of the Tube." A whole host of the guys lunged for 3 innertubes tied together. The fight lasted for what felt like hours. It was fun and exhausting.

By days end, the girls cabins had been finished, varnishing was down to the final two buildings, and the kitchen actually looked as though it might be completed by Tuesday of the next week! What tremendous progress! Tonight at council, Will Sanders and Pam Mason took the worker honors. We also had a moment to recognize the significant impact Will and Brittany had on our team over this short but awesome week.

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