Todd Agnew Concert Information

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Todd Agnew Concert Information:
1.) Welcome/Opening Thoughts: Cody Mummau, Frontline Student Ministries
2.) Steven and Nichole Potts
3.) Todd Agnew

Date: Sunday, September 14, 2008
Time: 5:45pm (Doors Open @ 5:00pm*)
Location: Brookwood Church, Burlington, NC
Cost: Free*
*We are issuing 700 free tickets for this concert. Holders of these tickets will have the opportunity to enter from 5:00-5:20pm. After 5:20pm entrance will be available to anyone up to capacity. If you would like a free ticket, email to make arrangements for pickup. Ticketholders arriving after 5:20pm must wait in line with everyone else. Seating is general admission (no reserved seats.)

Who Is Invited: Anyone! However, a certain section will be reserved for youth as this is part of FSM's ongoing series "Questions About God."

A Note To Area Youth Pastors From "Moose":
As a fellow youth pastor, I realize the importance of our time together with our youth...especially on Sunday nights and especially as school is beginning. I invite you to bring your group as a part of what you do on Sunday nights or as a special night if Sunday nights are not a part of your usual schedule. This is not simply for a fun concert but it is a night where your youth will be challenged in their faith. Encourage your youth to invite their friends who aren't involved in church at all. Use us...use the opportunity God has given us to have worship leaders like Steven and Nichole as well as Todd Agnew to encourage your group and reach into our community to share the Truth with those who might otherwise never hear. The concert is free and no offering will be taken up. This is a gift to you, to the community. Give me a call or email me and let me know how many tickets you'll need! We have posters, invitations, etc...

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More About Todd
There’s an axiom that should apply in so many areas where we live our lives, be it classroom or boardroom or family room.

“There’s no such thing as a dumb question.”

But there’s one place where this idea tends not to apply. So many -- young and old, male and female, seeker and believer alike -- run into opposition of asking the tough questions in the one place they should feel most free, the church.
Todd Agnew wants to help put a stop to that. Through his travels as a recording artist and performer, he has seen it start to happen on its own.

“I’m just finding more and more people who aren’t fooled by the ‘everything’s fine’ version of Christianity,” the Texas-bred Memphis resident says. “I’m just trying to just get some of those questions out there, the questions people are afraid to ask in church, but also to get the questions asked sincerely and without anger.”
Which brings Agnew to this place in time and art, using his platform and talent to get to the core of who we are as humans, to get to that moment where we’re able to ask the Better Questions:

What happens when you die?
Why do we define people by their mistakes?
How does God still care for us when we keep messing things up?

Todd Agnew’s willingness to stand up and provide perspective and voice to this and more doesn’t come from a place of anger or defiance, but rather from the experiences of a man continuing to wrestle with the very questions he poses.

From his debut Ardent release Grace Like Rain to the sophomore explorations of Reflection of Something to the epic nature of last year’s seasonal effort Do You See What I See? to the present-day realities of Better Questions, there is a deepening lyrical maturity displaying confidence while still maintaining power and edge.

This set of songs came to Todd with a clarity with which even he was surprised.

About Steven & Nichole

“We are not prisoners of fate, but prisoners of our own mind…” Franklin D. Roosevelt once said. Freedom, hope, and love are what Steven & Nichole aspire to bring to the earth. This husband and wife duo offers an eclectic mix of music colored with acoustic-driven: blues, easy listening, pop, rock, and folk. Their music has a recurring theme of the good news that God alone can unlock their prison door and set them free in Christ.

Ordinary people called into the extraordinary, Steven and Nichole use their music and story to inspire captives to be set free. It is in their position of thankfulness that causes them to respond to the call over their lives. Songs of hope, triumph and a passionate pursuit of God flow from the hearts of a young man and woman, whose lives rest in the hands of the Maker of the universe.

About "The Moose"

Cody Mummau was dubbed "Moose" in high school and maintains the alter ego until this day...for some reason. As director of Frontline Student Ministries, Cody has the opportunity to work with students day in and day out. With an overflowing passion to see the youth of this area grow into a deep relationship with Jesus Christ, Cody's message is to the point and filled with the Words of Life...God's Word.

The challenge of this night...ask the questions that need to be asked. God is not afraid to be searched out. He will be found.

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