Guatemala Recap: Day 7 - Ahhh Antigua

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Today was a bittersweet day for sure. By days end we would bid farewell to Brittany and Will. Their schedules only permitted them to stay for a week. However in the week they were with us, they contributed so much to the projects and to the group as a whole. Each of us knew there would be a tremendous loss without them here. The cool thing was to hear how the missionaries were going to miss them too.

The amazing part of the day was our opportunity to spend time in Antigua, Guatemala. Because of the rains, the school group who had planned to do camp had canceled giving us more time to accomplish our tasks. We were then able to take Saturday to rest. Early in the morning, we boarded the bus for Antigua along with the missionaries. A certain excitement flowed through the bus for this unanticipated adventure.

In Antigua, we all ate at the world famous...ok the Frontline famous McDonald's. If you ever travel with is to Guatemala you will eat there's great! We spent 1/2 an hour together eating, taking pictures, etc. We even were able to include Senorita Mrowca (Team Guate '06 member) in the group photo even though she was in Austin, TX at the time.

After brunch, the groups split up to explore the wonderful town of Antigua. The rich colors, the wonderful restaurants, and of course the market. The day seemed to fly by. After hours of fun and exploration, the group began to come together near the Campero. The cool day had been a welcome respite from the hot work days in the valley below. Now it was time to go back. Kristina and the kids were at the hotel awaiting Will and Brittany. We said our good-byes and then they were off in a tuk-tuk (to who knows where ;-).

Darkness began to settle in as we returned to camp for dinner. The heat invaded every part of us as we exited the bus. Tomorrow was church and a day of rest but as we walked through the camp, we knew our work was ahead too. We were determined to finish our trip strong.

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