Song of Solomon for Students - As Seen on FOX 8 this Morning

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Welcome to Frontline Student Ministries. My name is Cody Mummau. I serve as the director of Frontline Student Ministries. As a youth pastor and a parent, I am deeply concerned with the issues facing students in our area. One of the most important areas I believe that we can help our teens grow and maintain a healthy lifestyle is in the area of developing relationships with the opposite sex. That is why I am so excited to share about the incredible event coming right here to our area called "Song of Solomon for Students."

This conference is not new to this area. Two years ago we were fortunate enough to host it at Brookwood Church in Burlington. This year, as interest has grown, the team has moved it to a larger facility. We will be in Mebane, NC at the Mebane Rec Center.

I could recreate a bunch of information regarding the conference itself right here and then send you to the site to register (where you'd find the same info) or I could just send you to the site.

JUST REMEMBER - This is the last week to buy your tickets online and receive a discount.

To learn more info and to purchase discounted tickets, Click Here -> Song of Solomon for Students in Mebane, NC

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