GuateDrive '08 - Precious Cargo

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Mile 1024
Interstate 10 West
Alexandria, LA

Several of you have asked what all we are taking to Guatemala for the missionaries.As much as we love going to Guatemala...and most definitely they are excited to see us...we are bringing a bunch of stuff. I figured I'd list some of the things sitting behind me in (and around me!)

- 1994 Cargo Van (donated)
- 1995 Box Truck (donated)
- 6 One Man 14' kayaks (donated)
- 1 Three Man 14' kayak (donated)
- 1 Industrial Stainless Steel Sink (donated)
- 1 Hot Water Heater
- 800ft PVC pipe various sizes
- 1 Gas Powered Pressure Washer ($200 credit from Lowe's Burlington)
- 7ft. Landscape Waterfall
- Landscape pond equipment & supplies
- Several hundred pipe fittings
- 4 jumping jack tamps (look it up)

OK that's all I see right now. I'll add more if I think of it.

On top of this... The plumbers and John are giving a week of their time once we've arrive to serve any needs they have at the time.

OK well then since I've started this, we've traveled a bit so no we stand @

Mile 1058
Just passed Lake Charles, LA

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2 Responses to "GuateDrive '08 - Precious Cargo"

  1. Erin Nichols Says:
  2. your an idiot!!! HAHAHA just saying what you told me to say, hope it makes you laugh, i know it made me laugh! i already miss you guys!!!
  3. Mama Mel Says:
  4. Please tell me you are partaking of the local food in LA and TX and not eating fast food!