GuateDrive '08 - Wow...La Ventosa!

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It’s still been raining off and on. For the most part, the roads have been pretty decent once we got past Matias Romero. We just came around a curve in the road and off in the valley is Los Ventanas. It is a huge windmill farm. There are probably around 100 of them but only a few of them are turning. They look to be around 50-60 feet tall with three 20-30 foot long propellers. It is really cool. On our trips we’ve seen where they make rocks, sand, dirt, and now, wind!!

Ok- so this is the worst road of all time, or at least that we’ve been on. Wait until you see pictures. It is dirt/gravel and has about 2 potholes in about every square yard. It is really slow going. On the bright side, it has been raining all day and all the potholes are full of water and easy to see. Not that you could drive a motorcycle down the road without hitting any… The other van just flew past us like crazy men. Well, time to go- a piece of copper pipe just fell off the top of the van, bounced off the road and hit the side view mirror of the van. Now that we’ve stopped, a 20 foot piece of ¾ PVC pipe has slid forward enough to touch the ground. We’ve got to fix and secure our pipe on top of the van.

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