FSM Transition: Redefining The Partnership

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Dear FSM Friends and Family,

Thank you so much for taking the time to come here and pausing to read this note from me.  I have been one of the most fortunate individuals over the past two yea
rs to learn from two amazing church leadership staffs.  I have served with some unbelievable individuals who have taught me so much about care for one another, loyalty,  Most of all, I have been so blessed to be allowed to lead the connection between students from two different churches and teach about the beauty of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.  For that I thank 
you from the bottom of my heart.    It is my prayer that the strategic partnership that was forged between Brookwood and Integrity has glorified Christ in many ways!

Today we stand on the brink of redefining the partnership.  For two years, I have served as the overseers of both youth ministries at Brookwood and Integrity churches. With the tremendous opportunities it has presented, it has also issued many more challenges.  In evaluation of these challenges, the leadership of both churches are in agreement that it is in the best interest of the youth for me to return as the leader of Brookwood's youth ministry and at this time for Integrity Church to bring in someone to lead the youth ministry there.  Once that leadership is in place, we can continue our partnership in a new way similar to the way we 
partner with United In Worship and EquipU.

While things will definitely change in the future of Frontline Student Ministries, in no way does it dissolve the wonderful relationships that have developed. However, the schedule for Frontline Student Ministries will see some significant change. One of these ways is with the continuation of our Sunday night release. This Sunday night we will hold the final release:a sunday event at Integrity Community Church. 

There are many great things in store for both youth ministries.  Thank you so much for the opportunity to be involved with both!  I look forward to the future with all of you and of course, no matter where my office is, my door is always open to any student, any parent, any time.

If you have ANY questions, please email me (

In His Service,
Cody "Moose"

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