Simply Praying - Weekly Challenge (#1)

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More than just a challenge, as we go through this journey together, take the following as a directive that God is giving to us. Do your best to complete these not simply for the sake of being "done" but rather to move in the direction we are being called.

Spiritual Weight Room
1. Get a blank spiral notebook or composition book. You can even buy a nice journal from Barnes & Noble or other local bookstore. OR click here to see some of the COOLEST journals EVER!
2. Write your first recollection of God's grace being extended to you. A time when you know God provided, protected, something and you know you didn't deserve it.
3. Write about the events surrounding your invitation to Him to come into your life.
4. List some of the spiritual lessons He has taught you since then.
5. Finish by writing a paragraph that descibes in detail your relationship with Him at the present time
6. Now read through your story again and then share it with someone else.

The Word
1. Read through Psalm 139 each day as well as Revelation 3:20
2. Write verses 23-24 on a card to carry with you, and try to memorize them

Before The Throne
Take time to pray using the information you've learned in Psalm 139 and Revelation 3:20
Be open with God each day asking Him to inspect every area of your life making you aware of things that need to be taken care of.

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  1. -Siler Says:
  2. Pretty sweet, although i think my journal is cooler. but yea im psyched about starting this study and i can't really explain why ya kno? but yea since im impatient and im on here now, heres what i saw in Wall-E, well the fact that the girl robots name was eve, and the fact that walle searched all over and couldn't find a suitable partner on the earth comes right out of genesis sooooo yea peace