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The Details and FAQ's
Q: Where is Altamahaw Baptist Church?
A: Just north of Western High School at 3445 Altamahaw Church St., Elon, NC (Click for Map)

Q: Do I need a release form?
A: If you filled one out for Caswell or yes (Look in the links section)

Q: How much does it cost?
A: $30 by Sunday (It's been posted and advertised for over a month. If you want to go and Sunday is a problem, we'll make it happen :-) We just want you there!
- You can turn the money in Sunday at church
- Bring the money to the church this week
- or BY SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT bring it with you to DNOW.

Q: What does the cost cover?
A: Food, Books, and the awesome stuff we'll do...

Q: What are we studying
A: You and your "D-Cell*" are going through a study called "Show Who You Know - The Essentials of Student Leadership." I'm not going to lie, it's going to really challenge some of you and move you to the next's awesome. In your D-Cell, you will cover the following 5 topics in these sessions:

Session I - Known as A Leader
Session II - What about Lordship
Session III - Spiritual Practices and Disciplines
Session IV - Own Your Faith
Session V -Relationships and Influence

Q: Will I be with kids my own age?
A: Absolutely! We want you to have the best learning experience possible. Whenever possible, we will pair students with their friends in the D-Cells . The groups will be divided by Middle and High School as well as by guys and girls. We are even dividing groups so that students will be learning with friends from their own youth groups so that what we learn can be applied after the weekend is over!

Q: What is a D-Cell (Something you just read about)
A: D-Cells are our DiscipleNow Small Groups. Each D-Cell will have a Student Ministry Leader/Coach hanging out with them throughout DiscipleNow to help them walk through the study.

Q: OK so what is the schedule
A: Here is the overall schedule for you.

Friday Night
5:00pm - DiscipleNow Registration Opens (Altamahaw)
6:00pm - FOOOOOOOD
7:00pm - The GR8 Big DnOw Get To know YOU game
7:15pm - Welcome and Worship DNow09 is ROLLING!
7:45pm - Large Group I - Dr. Rich Brown from Liberty University
8:30pm - "D-Cells" Session I
9:30pm - All "D-Cells" packed up and headed to host homes
~that night @ host homes, students get ready for bed and D-Cell Coach walks group through Session II

Saturday Morning
Early as need be - Get up and eat breakfast at host home
Do Session III over Breakfast

9:00am - Service Project @ Loaves and Fishes
10:30am - Depart for Altamahaw
11:00am - Large Group II at Altamahaw

9:00am - Large Group II at Altamahaw
10:00am - Leave for Brookwood Church
10:15am - Service Project @ Brookwood Church
NOON- Lunch @ Altamahaw in D-Cells - Session III over Lunch

Saturday Afternoon
1:30pm - The MAIN event! or actually just one of the greatest hunts you will ever go on ;-)
"THE BIGGER BETTER SCAVENGER HUNT" (...give us bigger or make it better)
3:30pm - Return to Brookwood Church parking lot for the results of the "hunt"
4:00pm - 6:00pm - 
-Return to host home for shower, 
-dinner and 
-Session IV with D-Cells
6:30pm - Return to Altamahaw Baptist Church
7:00pm - Final winners for the "BBSH"
7:15pm - Welcome and Worship
7:30pm - Large Group III all together
8:30pm - Hang out and return with D-Cell to host home
~Once home, D-Cells finish "Show Who You Know - The Essentials of Student Leadership" Session V

Saturday Afternoon

Breakfast in the homes
9:00am - DiscipleNow Large Group IV - The Finale!
9:50am - Depart for home churches

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