Frontline Podcast 1.5 - Laugh Often AND Trivia ($10 Starbuck Card)

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Check out the temporary intro…it’s actually a 5 minute song just like that!

OK for the trivia. Pay CLOSE attention to the rules. The ONLY, the ONE and ONLY way you can win is if you answer this question in the comments section of this post ON Do NOT email me the response, don’t tell me the answer in church…and don’t text it to me. On, in addition to the main podcast player we have, each podcast has it’s own individual blog post. At the bottom of that blog post, there is a bar that has the word “comments” on it. You MUST click on that and answer this trivia question in the space provided for comments. There must be enough identifying information in your answer for me to associate the prize with you. I will take ALL of the correct respondents and we will have a drawing next Wednesday at re:focus for the gift. This week’s prize… $10 Starbucks Gift Card.

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2 Responses to "Frontline Podcast 1.5 - Laugh Often AND Trivia ($10 Starbuck Card)"

  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. What?? (Word!)
  3. Agent Scot Harvath Says:
  4. Noah is in Genesis, or at least his story and first mention is in Genesis. Word yo!!