Loaves and Fishes THIS weekend!

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Hey Guys! Just a reminder to join us this weekend for Loaves and Fishes. Those of you familiar with the project, just be there by 9am. Those of you who are not, here are the details...

Each month (the second Saturday of the month specifically), Frontline partners with Loaves and Fishes Christian Ministry in downtown Burlington. This August, we will celebrate 4 years of our service relationship with them. We simply do what they need us to in a couple hours. Sometimes it is delivering food while other times we are breaking down boxes and cleaning.

Will you give up your Saturday morning this month and join Frontline at Loaves and Fishes?

Who: Teens, Parents, and other Adults
When: This Saturday
Time: 9am - 11am
Where: Loaves and Fishes, Downtown Burlington (Map)

See ya there!

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