Simply Praying (Wk 17) Belated Study Tools

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Blame it on the Vicodin or the Percocet or whatever but I didn't get the process for healing up for you last week.  I'm posting it now so that when you come in for group tonight I can say it is up there. Oh and don't say you didn't come tonight because of storms.  I mean it IS only a tornado watch. Ha Ha.

Here is the process for healing the hurts we talked about during Week 17's "Create New Memories" discussion

  • Even Christians hurt and have hard times - acknowledge that
  • Many times we can't control the hurt that come our way
  • We CAN control our responses to the hurt
  • It is human to feel pain on the inside when we've been done wrong
  • It is natural for us to start dwelling on the pain and relive the experience as well as to feel that whoever inflicted this wrong should be punished
  • It is tempting to hold on to unkind thoughts against those who have hurt us
  • Yielding to the above temptations allows bitterness to take root, resentment to fester, and bad attitudes to become a way of life
  • Positive thinking will NOT elimininate these feelings
  • Only God can heal our wounds and fill us with compassion and forgiveness.
  • We must allow God to do this He will not do it against our will
  • If we insist on being bitter and having hard feelings, we hamper our ability to be used by God and make our witness ineffective.
  • What we are powerless to do...He does FOR US! as a result of our willingness to be healed

OK so there you are.  Write this in your journal and as you work through different hurts in your life, remember these things and our discussion surrounding them.

In The Word:
Read Through Romans 8
Read Through Psalm 30 and CELEBRATE
Daily read Philippians 3:12-14

OK now get here for group tonight! Week 18!

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