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Morning sure does come early on mission trips. While it hasn't been too bad the past couple nights, there was already a bit of weariness on some faces. Spending most of the day in the Sun yesterday definitely took it out of us.

Today had just as many amazing moments for us as Monday did. We packed our lunches and headed toward the Subway. We learned on the way that the NYC Relief Bus would be meeting us in Harlem one block from where we stood the day before in prayer stations. Again our location took us out of our comfort zone. Just a stones throw from a hotel that is pay-per-hour, and a corner frequented by prostitutes and drug trade, we set up shop to feed the poor and hungry.

After being briefed on the whats and what nots to do today, our crew jumped to work getting stuff ready for the people who were already lining up. Cody, Rebecca, and YWAM leader Alex Miller took one of the prayer station stands and headed back over to 125th St to pray with people again.

Both areas again were flooded with people in desperate need of physical help but in greater need of spiritual fulfillment. Throughout the morning and early afternoon, the team bonded together, fed, and prayed with so many people. As the need at the Relief Bus began to fade, team members joined the Prayer Station until the end.

As we closed up, we were met by a man named Luis. Luis said he had come from the streets of New York and moved to Miami where he preached the Word of God to others. When he returned to New York, he moved into a lifestyle that did not acknowledge God. He said he was ashamed to share what he had done since returning to NYC. He asked if our whole team would pray for him. We did, and then we encouraged him to go to a partner church 5 blocks away where the Men's Pastor would be waiting to help him further. We saw him walk 2.5 blocks before we could not see anymore. We'll wait to hear if he made it. Please pray for Luis!

Later that afternoon, after a long ride from Harlem to Brighton Beach in Brooklyn, we joined the team that works at the Russian Jewish Community Center. Brighton Beach is almost exclusively a Russian speaking neighborhood. Signs, and information are almost all in Russian. It is amazing. The center offers English classes where anyone can come and learn a new language and also be taught the Bible. They have seen hundreds of Russian immigrants come to Christ through their programs. We were able to distribute flyers (in Russian) to the local community. By the time we left, they already had their first response! 2 of our guys also worked inside doing repair work for the center.
The day ended for us with dinner at Nathan's World Famous Hot Dogs on Coney Island. Everyone rode the Wonder Wheel, explored a little and then it was back to the East Village for Starbucks and then BED!

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