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Frontline has "owned it's own domain" for years now. You can visit us @ However, recently, as Pastor of Student Ministries, I can't help but wonder if the money for that site wouldn't be better spent elsewhere. I am going to experiment with free stuff like Google, YouTube, Blogger (didn't I just say the same thing over and over there?). Your input would help with the decision greatly!

If we had a Google Calendar (Linked to the right), our photos on PicasaWeb (look over there to the right), Videos on YouTube (Check the FSMtv the right), and all kinds of updates here, would it be enough communication to do away with the somewhat costly site parked at right now. The blog will automatically be sent to my Facebook so FB users can see when things are being updated. People can link to the calendar and keep up with things themselves.

Comments appreciated.

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3 Responses to "FSM Enters the Blog World"

  1. Invert Says:
  2. Looks good! I think the idea is good, and definitely in the right perspective. There are lots of available resources out there for us to take advantage of.
  3. Rebecca Jernigan Says:
  4. that would work since a lot of people dont check the site anyway!
  5. Frontline Student Ministries Says:
  6. I know right...wait. I just sent you an email on that. I think this gives a more concise space for info. Plus I want you guys to take charge of this space!