FSM Weekly - May 14th, 2008

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Let's Communicate!
Communication with you the students and parents of Frontline Student Ministries is a key element to our success. However in this day and age of SPAM, FWD:'s, and just worthless junk, we hardly read anything we receive. We view thousands of billboards, commercials, emails, websites, banner ads, flyers, etc. that all beg for our attention. We inadvertantly begin to dismiss everything into our virtual "junkmail" folder in our brain. Yet the need to get you information about Frontline has only increased! So here is a solution...

We are moving over to this blog. Here we will post the weekly update for you to visit whenever you need. You can still access the pictures...over there on the right. There will be plenty of FSM videos (on the FSMtv channel on YouTube). The Frontline Calendar is located on the bottom of the blog (and through the link over on the right). So 24/7 you will be able to access information about Frontline. You can also communicate with FSM leadership through the site by commenting on the posts (such as this one) or by emailing us.

We need you to...
  • Visit the site on at least a weekly basis (Mark it in your favorites)
  • Try and visit us on a daily basis (Make it your homepage!)
  • We will try and have new articles, photos, and videos daily
  • You will always be up to date with FSM info!
  • Send FSM info to parents, students, and friends who aren't in the loop.
  • Be proactive: We need your help getting the word out! Ask others from FSM if they are getting the news!
  • Email friends the links to new posts to be sure they are getting the info. At the bottom of each post is a small envelope icon. Use this to send the info out!
  • COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT: Part of communication is hearing back from you! Comment on the articles so we know you are there and what your thoughts are!


Tonight (Wed. 5/14/08): TruFocus:Wednesday Nites - While teaching His disciples, Jesus gave them a model prayer to guide them in communicating with God. Tonight we will learn the basic elements of prayer that Christ has given us!

Tonight (Wed. 5/14/08): Meetup@ Moby's - Following TruFocus we will head down to Moby's (1353 S Church St., Burlington) for some coffee, pastries, games, and hang out time. We usually hang out there until about 8:45pm.

Friday Night (5/16/08): Indiana Jones Trilogy - 6pm until ??? all 3 movies in one night so that you can be caught up for when the new movie comes out. Plus it'll be fun!!! BRING YOUR OWN SNACKS!!! Location is to be decided by how many are coming. Please RSVP to if you plan on coming!

Saturday Afternoon (5/17/08): Narnia - 2pm - 4pmish -Join up with the group headed to this movie @ West End Cinema. RSVP to if you plan on coming so the group will know how many to expect!

Saturday Evening (5/17/08): Breakaway '08 - 5pm - 11pmish - We will be leaving from Integrity's parking lot @ 3:30pm for Hines Chapel (McLeansville, NC). Mike Minter (Carolina Panthers) will be speaking. Four great bands will be playing. This event is free and the first round of concessions will be free too! Please RSVP to if you plan to attend so we can have the right transportation available!

Saturday Evening (5/17/08): Frontline Show! 6pm - 11pmish- for those looking for something more edgy, Frontline has partnered with First Platoon Industries to put on a concert @ ICC! Bands include My Epic, Sophia and 3 other great bands. Cost is $7 at the door.

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