In Focus: Don't Drink From Firehoses (Matthew 6:11)

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For two verses now we have been realizing our position in comparison with God. Most importantly, Jesus tells us through this prayer that we are to have a proper view of God and just how great He is. There is no one like Him anywhere. We've honored His name and we've shared our heart about how we see Him as the only One we serve. We've renewed our commitment to Him as king of our lives, our heart, and our mind.

Now Jesus changes gear slightly and makes a request of the Father:

"Give us this day our daily bread"

So we've been dealing with things like majesty, glory, honor, kingdoms, etc. and suddenly, Jesus turns the discussion to bread? What is that all about.

Not much has changed in the bread world lately. The texture is much the same as it always has been. It has a variety of tastes according to what is added to it. However, the basics of bread making haven't changed much. Bread has been one of the staples in human diet for most all of recorded history. Think of the movies you watch when you see someone who has been starving...what is the thing they grab and eat when they get to food. If it is on the table, they reach for the bread and chomp away (a little too dramatically at times I must say).

All of this is important because that is precisely why Jesus uses images of bread throughout His ministry. (I am the bread of life -John 6:35). Here He instructs us to ask for what it will take to get us through the day. This is an act of submission once more because it causes us to realize that everything it takes to make it through the day is a gift of God. From the breath that fills our lungs, the food that gives us energy, the water that fuels us, the relationships that fulfill us, the work that provides for us, the shelter that covers us, the leaders that lead us, EVERYTHING that allows us to go on is a direct result of His provision. Psalm 3:5 says it very simply:

I lie down and sleep; I wake again, because the LORD sustains me.

Understand that Jesus is not saying we can't think or pray about the future. However, it is important that we not take fore granted the tremendous gifts we've been given simply to make it through this day. Daily we should acknowledge with gratefulness the life and time He has given us to serve Him here! When we realize this. I mean REALLY realize that nothing we have is of our own doing, we can't help but live gratefully day to day for all we've been given.

Today, make a list of everything you can think of it takes to make it through a day. I mean GET SPECIFIC. List all of them out (i.e. Sun, breathe, food...) Fill up a page. Maybe carry the page with you and write everything down throughout the day. Tomorrow, ask God (instead of expecting) for what it takes to make it through the day. Careful though, it is humbling!

Share your thoughts on what most people, maybe even you, take fore granted without thinking that it is only through God's provision we have it.

I can't bring myself to change the name of this post. Originally, the post had to do with asking for more than we needed and comparing it to trying to drink from a fire hose. It was actually a clever illustration that was not at all my own. However, it would up being left out and I forgot to change the name. It was a day later before I saw it. So...whatever ;-)

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