In Focus: History Channel Theology (Matthew 6:10)

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I sit and watch the History Channel just about every night. Once a basketball game bores me, I just need to watch something with substance. What does this have to do with Matthew 6:10 you say? I'm glad you asked. As we said before, Jesus is talking here and when He is telling us how to do something, we had better listen. I promise I'll bring in how my TV watching helped my thought on this matter but for now let's listen to Him...

"your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven"

No $2.00 Bible words to look up today but again, we often read over this and do not give it the attention it deserves. What does Jesus mean when He tells us that this is what we should pray? The key to this phrase is the word "kingdom." During His time here on earth, Jesus preached over and over that the kingdom is at hand. Here we align ourselves in agreement with Him in saying that it is our desire as well. We are also in acknowledgment of Him as King.

Now enters the History channel. So much of this world's history is centered around kings and kingdoms. From the ancient civilizations we read about to modern day empires. One in particular made me think of something similar to what Christ was speaking about here. Late in the 18th century, there were 13 established colonies here where we now call the United States. Though the people who lived here did not physically reside in England, they were citizens of that land. Those who lived there lives as loyal subjects to the king of England lived in such a way to make this land as much like England as possible. They lived by the laws of the king, they acknowledged him as their leader. They did his will here as it was done in England. Of course as an imperfect ruler, the King abused his power and some of the loyal subjects rebelled...and the United States were formed.

Jesus here says that we are to admit to God that He is in charge of our lives. We are asking that God's will would be done here on earth just as much as it is in heaven. God has absolute reign in the heavenly realms. Here on earth, we are all subject to His authority even though he gives us free choice. We are saying with this statement that we want to see His will accomplished here just as much as it is in heaven. This begins with us. This should not be a burden to us! Rather it should be the desire of our heart. (Psalm 1:2)

So the question today is this. Is God completely "in charge." Don't give "the right" answer. Instead truly evaluate your own personal life and answer that for yourself. Take a second and share one way in which we live like citizens of heaven while still on earth. In serving the King, what do you do that might be different if you weren't serving Him?

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