Mind of the Moose: Get ONE thing right

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Since we are changing our form of communication somewhat (OK a bunch), I now have the opportunity to share my heart with students, parents, and pretty much anyone who happens upon the site. I'll try and post the "Mind of the Moose" a couple times a week intermixed with devotionals and the FSM Weekly Update. But this one is unique in that it is the first. So I thought I would lay the basics down about where my heart is at right now in reaching the youth of our community.

I spent the morning reading through some of The Barna Group's research ( I found it staggering to learn the number of people who don't believe in the authenticity of God's Word. 88% of those considered to be "Born-Again" Christians believe that the Bible is accurate in what it says. The number drops sharply when we look at this generation to well below 50%. In fact, the number of people age 12-22 that are classified as evangelical Christians is around 5%. The article is fairly long but describes how this generation is continuing to disassociate itself with Christianity and in doing so with Christ Himself. (Read the Article)

So what's the point of youth ministry? Jesus Christ. There is nothing more. Nothing greater. The point is not music (though music is a powerful tool to lead us before His throne). The point is not games (though some powerful illustrations can be made through a good one). The point is not social time (though the fellowship of the body of Christ is critical). The point is not to have the largest group (though a living vibrant group will grow as people are drawn to Christ. You get my point? It is Jesus Christ alone and the Word of God which leads us to understanding our relationship with Him.

The statistics and my experience show that we have done a poor job teaching the Word of God to our youth. Maybe because it hasn't been important enough in our own lives. Maybe it's because we are unsure of our own commitment to his Word. Whatever the case is...we've done poorly. So I move to this...

Before Frontline emphasizes music, we will become excellent at studying His Word. Before Frontline becomes a social draw, we will become excellent at studying His Word. Before Frontline becomes a great family, we will become excellent at studying His Word. As our students grow in His Word...they will express themselves through music, drama, the arts, etc. As they grow in His Word, they will have an inexpressable desire to share it with everyone. As they grow in His Word, they will live it out.

So tonight...we study the Word. Maybe tomorrow we'll do more but we have to get this ONE thing right!

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