Council of The Yellow Card

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Last year, Cheesesteak introduced the group to the "Yellow Card." As a soccer official, he brings these out during games to indicate that someone has committed an infraction of the rules...a foul. On our trip he brought these out when someone said something or did something that...well something that just made no sense at all.

The tradition continued.

By the end of day 3, several of our team had incurred a bunch of yellow cards (and a couple over 10!). So Tuesday night, the team was introduced to the Council of the Yellow Card. When the council convened, team members had opportunity to appeal their yellow cards to council members which included...

English Name=Most Creative Council Name
Cody= Ydoc
John= Nhoj
Virgo= Ogriv
Dale= Elad
Chris= The Great Arbiter Sirch Marcos

Of course it was an absolute riot to hear some of the things that had happened during the day as well as the "explanations" for why they had happened. I won't go into detail on the specific yellow cards that were given out. If team members want to share their own yellow cards...that is their business ;-)

Outside of hearing the yellow card appeals, the council shared the good news of the day "Man shall not work by trowel alone...", they gave "Worker of the Day" awards, and then of course there was the Mexican, Spanish, Guatemalan Opera written by the one and only Sirch Marcos!

By the end of the first council meeting, Ydoc's wife, who had her appeal denied and was thus sentenced to a dip in the lake, had affectionately dubbed the group...the Dum Dum council because they were as sweet as the popular lollipop candy!

We concluded each meeting by raising our spatula in memory of the Great Senorita Mrowca who blessed us all with her words while with us in Guate. Words that we repeated to close the meeting:

"Ayudame Ayudame Mis pantalones estan en fuego"

I don't know...

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