Guatemala Recap: Day 4 - Feeling The Burn

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By the beginning of day 4, work was in full swing. With the events of the day before, we knew that completing everything would be no easy task. Still everyone seemed determined to do what was necessary to get it done. There was definitely a case of fatigue setting in on the crew and a few of us were feeling a little ill. The next 24 hours were critical to the team coming together and lifting each other up in our times of need.

With the mammoth oven out of the way, the kitchen crew went into full gear mixing cement on the ground outside of the building. The cement mixer seen just beside the truck in the pictures can only make ½ bag of cement at a time. Mixing it the old fashioned way on the ground allowed us to make 4 bags of cement at a time. It was a little more effort but a major time saver! It was our hopes to be done with the cooking area and the storage room before days end and maybe more.

The varnish crew had moved from their first building into others. The routine they had mastered was allowing them to complete buildings very quickly with the exception of the high rafters. Only a few could be up high reaching those areas. It was not an easy task. In fact, our friend Eliud who was leading the crew injured his neck by maintaining the varnish position so long. It kept him out of commission over a day. Even with all of this, it was obvious that this team was already closing in on their goal!

Pam and Helen, seeing that the work with varnishing was moving swiftly, took initiative to take on another task. Each of the cabins was due to be repainted. With a split crew, the ladies began to work on the girls cabins. Brittany, preparing to leave for home at the end of the week, made it her goal to have all of the girls cabins painted by end of week.

This day was filled with many different suprises that we come to expect in Guatemala. Not much had been seen of scorpions on this trip but day 4 found an encounter with a small boa near the kitchen. John had also seen several of the “Jesus” lizards and caught pictures of them too. While wheeling sand down from the top of the hill, several eggs were found. It was like being on National Geographic.

By the time we had finished the cement for the kitchen floor, all of the team was just about wiped out. It wasn’t hard to imagine what their response would be when we cut the work day a bit short and gave the crew pool time for their hard work.

Group time tonight was special. Devo’s in our handbook started today and it was our time to break into groups and discuss what we had studied in our quiet times. Some were more comfortable than others but the whole group had opportunity to share with one another how God was teaching them on this trip. Then the council reconvened following devo time and announced the second hard days work winners. Day 3 had been a unanimous Matthew Morrissey and Brittany Nicolaysen. Day 4 was a no brainer as well. Maggie Bozovich and Chris Siler took the awards hands down (though Siler City earned a Red Card on the way up).

If team members read this, try and remember these days…look at your books, and share some of your thoughts or some of what you were doing/facing these days. I don’t have down when everyone got sick, hit their head, or ate coconuts.

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