GuateDrive '08 - Catching Up

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Once in Mexico, things got a little hairy... Not so much dangerous or out of control, just no real way to communicate effectively. With the exception of the night in Tampico Alto, there was not internet or phone communication at all until we reached Guatemala. Sooooo.... over the next few days, this blog will be updated (likely 2x a day) with the progression of our trip through Mexico.) We would LOVE it if you would take the time to read it!

As of right now (Friday afternoon) here is where we stand
Cody is in Burlington, came home on Monday night
John, Don, and Philip are back in the city (San Cristobal) and are headed to Antigua in the AM. I'll let the future posts tell you what they've been up to.
Check out some of the pics from Cody's Camera... more to come when the other guys upload.

As for now... here is the rest of our story

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