GuateDrive '08 - The Drive to Matias Romero

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(John, writing in retrospect, trying to fill in the missing blogs to get things current.)
After it got dark and started raining, we stopped at a Pemex (the only brand of gas station in Mexico -nationalized gas). There Cody started talking to another “transmigrante” aka someone taking supplies from the States to destinations south. He advised us to not try to go any further tonight because of the bad traffic and road. We ate a little supper (it was around 11pm) and decided to stay the night at the gas station. No worries- we paid the friendly gas station armed guard to watch over us and he was even gracious enough to wake up at 4am per our request. Cody slept in the back of the van(see picture), I started out in the drivers seat so that Philip could sleep in the passengers seat. He never showed so I moved over because the seat reclined more. It started to rain more and the sleep was not of the best quality…

The security guard woke us up around 4am. Philip slept in the other truck with his feet hanging out of the window, in the rain. He said that he missed the memo that we were saving a seat for him. We thought that he didn’t want to leave Don in a truck by himself, and Don assumed he didn’t hear us say we were saving him a seat. Philip said he had “zoned out” and missed the conversation about who wanted to sleep where. Oh well. It’s time to get moving again.

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