GuateDrive '08 - Unexpected Day in Antigua

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

After breakfast at the Martinez house, our team assembled at Marcelo’s house. He let us borrow his Cherokee to spend the day in Antigua. After discussing dalmations with a lady who was walking hers, we headed to Posada la Merced to make arrangements for the end of our trip. We went next door to Fernando’s Kaffee. There we had some coffee, samples of his new chocolate, received a coffee bean sack for the Glass House, and took some pictures. We headed past La Merced and headed towards St. Catherine’s Arch. The plumbers are funny- they want to take pictures of every little thing. I can’t really say too much about that (I have several thousand Guatemala pictures myself), but it is cool to see their reactions. Everything on this trip is a new experience to them and they are amazed by it. Philip wants to stop in almost every store to shop and haggle. When he went into one store, we stayed outside and talked to the guard. He was a rather muscular guy that spent his first 23 years in a little town called Newark, Delaware. It’s a really small world. After that, we spent some time in Parque Central and then ate lunch at McDonald’s. You just have to see it to understand. It is NOT your McD’s from back home. From there we headed to the market to do some shopping and then some sight seeing. The next stop was a must for every trip to Antigua- Chimino’ We had supper there and tiramisu (of course!). Now it’s time to head back.

I drove us back to Guatemala City. Philip videoed Cody and I (in night vision mode) jamming to one of my Christian music cds. Their favorite song was “Five Tweezey” by KJ-52. Maybe that video will turn up one of these days. Anyway- I got us back to town and even found the Martinez house. I said bye to Cody since he was leaving early the next morning and I would not see him again. Cody then drove the plumbers to Diez house. I hung out with the Martinez family. The Martinez’s know a little more English than I know Spanish. It is a good chance to practice what I do know. We watched part of a movie in Spanish and then I headed to bed. We head to camp tomorrow morning.

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