GuateDrive '08 - Settling Down in San Cristobal

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We’ve made it to Guatemala City and the Deiz house!! Feels almost like being at home. We unloaded out stuff and said hey to the family. After introductions, I found Michelle (aka Michi). I let her pick out a stuffed animal from the box of them that Alison sent with us. She picked out a white tiger. I also gave her a couple of pictures of us from earlier this year. We played together for a bit while the plumbers sent emails and Cody caught up with the Diez family. For supper, we had the standard dish that Gabi fixes for Cody every time- Melanasa. Michi sat beside me and let me fix her plate for her. We all talked for a while after eating. After about an hour and a half of playing with Michi, Rocky and Paris (the 2 dogs) Cody and I went to the houses where we were going to spend the night. I went to the Martinez house and Cody went to stay with his family, Rita and Oswald.

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