Pollo Campero... A Frontline MUST!

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When in Guatemala you must...I mean you simply have to visit Pollo Campero. This place takes service and good food to a new level. Though it looks and acts like a fast food restaurant, you will LOVE what you get. (and remember the green sauce is hot).

For years now, the Mummau family has made Campero a regular stop on their journeys to Guatemala. Just moments after holding their daughter Mia for the first time, they were taken to eat at Campero. On the day the papers were signed granting foster care of Mia, they treated the lawyer and social workers to breakfast at Campero.

In 2006, the first group from Frontline Student Ministries journeyed to Guatemala. We visited a Campero on that trip and the group was hooked! Since then, each time a delegation from FSM arrives, it is just a countdown to our next Campero visit. In fact, on this years Guatemala Drive trip, Cody and John tried to get into the Campero in Tapachula, Mexico. Unfortunately we have to do that next time.

When Campero opened in the USA, the lines to get in were HOURS long. It is great. When you get on a plane coming home from Guatemala, you smell the distinct smell of Campero chicken in boxes of people bringing it to family and friends. This stuff is great.


Whether you are visiting for business or pleasure. Whether in Mexico, Guatemala, the US, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Ecuador, Spain, China. Please do yourself a favor and stop by Campero for a great meal! (Visit to find the restaurant location)

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