GuateDrive '08 - Guatemala Finally ...CAMPERO!

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We woke up after a good night’s sleep. Cody, Marcelo and Oswald went back to the border to take care of business. Philip, Don and I wandered around town for a little while in search of breakfast and things unknown. The boys got distracted by the sight of a market. Philip loves to haggle prices with people and jumped at the opportunity to shop. He bought a… oh wait, it was a present for someone… Then Cody called and said that Oswald was coming to pick us up at the hotel. Time to head back to the hotel.

When we got to the hotel, Marcelo told us that Philip was the only one that needed to go to the border and that Marcelo would stay with us in town. Marcelo asked the front desk clerk at the hotel where a good place to eat was. We then proceeded around the corner to “Taco Queen”. It a pretty good meal. Our food came out and Don took a picture of his first Guatemalan breakfast. After about 15 minutes of talking after we’d finished our breakfast, the other half of our group showed up. They ordered and before Cody got done eating, they had to leave again. We started to go shopping again but were told to go make sure that everything was out of our rooms so that we could check out. We needed to be checked out in time so Oswald came back and picked us and our stuff up and we headed back to the border.

We’re stitting and waiting at the border again. All of our fees and such have been paid. Now we are just waiting for the paperwork to go through. Marcelo told us that Marcelito and some friends are going to the Guatemala national soccer team game. It is a World Cup qualifier game and asked if we wanted to go. That was not a long debate!! He said that the game was sold out but there would be plenty of scalpers to get tix from. SWEET!!! Now we just have to sit here for a little while longer and we’ll be done.

It’s been almost 24 hours exactly waiting to cross the border, but we’re finally across!!! Not to drive like Guatemalans all the way to Guatemala City. It should be about 2 hours or so to get there. Marcelo has called 4 times asking where we are. He is in Gabi’s Scion and we are in the vans. We told him that we are passing everyone that we can but we just can’t go as fast as he can. He asked if we wanted to stop at Pizza Hut for lunch in Mazatenango and we said sure. After all, it is almost 3pm.

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