Biblical Theology of the City

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Take a minute and read this article... The Biblical Theology of the City.

No seriously, go read it right now and then come back here and finish this.

Those of us here in this area of North Carolina don't live "in the city." I (Cody) live in Burlington, but it would definitely not be considered city by NYC standards. Still I draw a lot from what Tim Keller writes here.

I've asked out New York team to read this article and then respond here on this blog to what they've read. I invite everyone else to do the same. As we prepare to enter NYC and serve Jesus Christ on the streets of the city, think through this article and share your thoughts on what Tim Keller wrote. Here are some ideas on how to respond to this article.

1.) What phrases struck you as odd, out of place, or even wrong?

2.) What was something you felt was most different from the way you think right now?

3.) Was there anything you read here that inspired you?

4.) If Tim Keller were in the room with you right now and was waiting for you to finish reading. How would you respond to him when he asked "OK, honestly, what did you think?"

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4 Responses to "Biblical Theology of the City"

  1. FSM is... Says:
  2. The comment below really made me think...

    "In the city you'll find a) people that seem 'hopeless' spiritually, and b) people of other religions or no religion and of deeply non-Christian lifestyles that are wiser, kinder, and deeper than you. This will shock you out of your moralism and force you to either finally believe the gospel of sheer grace, or give it up altogether. You may get top marks on justification by faith alone, but functionally, believe salvation by works. The city will show this to you as nothing else will."

    I think this is so true for those of us in the south where church and being a "Christian" is the cultural norm. I am praying that this trip to NYC will absolutely rock us and leave us unable to contain the Gospel which was so freely given to us.

    I enjoyed this article and look forward to viewing NYC through the lens created here.
  3. -Siler Says:
  4. ok well at first i had a really hard time taking this article at face value because, after growing up in the city as a non-believer and then moving here, all i saw was the negative aspects of it. but anyway the sentence about coming to realize that you need the city more than the city needs you i did not agree with when i read it. maybe its just the word city that i don't agree with if it said people i agree with it but maybe thats because i was thinking about a city as buildings and smog instead of the people inside it. for question 2, i think that just the way it was written made it sound like he felt we were all a little more dependent on the city than i am comfortable with. this article has inspired me to not go to new york with any prejudices about the city. i would tell him that for the most part, i agree with what he says, even though it is hard for me to accept some of it
  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. Sarah...
    it made my brain hurt (mom agreed)
    i did not understand quite a bit of it due to the big words and things i did not comprehend...
    i think thats it..
    oh wait..
    nothing really stood out to me due to not being able to understand most of it..
    there wasnt to much i disagreed with
    (i know i may sound stupid by what i've said but it is the truth that i just plain didnt get it...some of it may be due to the fact that i was reading the article on my mothers phone and due to the length)
    but atleast i read it and commented lol
  7. Anonymous Says:
  8. Maggie

    I felt the article to be completely interesting but I did not agree with all of it. I thought his opinion was a valid one but I disagree with his opinion of the "country" or rural areas. If you only concentrate on the cities then what happens to the rural community? Should they not also have someone share the word of God with them? That was just one thing that stood out to me. I do however feel that reading this article was very helpful in getting into the mindset to go to a mission trip and not just a vacation into NYC!