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Our journey to New York was one that was relatively event free (meaning nothing went wrong). It was fun to talk with others about our mission. Most of the students spent time in the cafe car playing games and talking about life. We dropped Alison off in Wilmington, DE and made it to NYC by 9:15. Not bad for a train scheduled to arrive at 9:02.

Alex Miller was waiting for us in Penn Station along with Jenny Kemp who had arrived at 8:47pm. We made our way outside with all of the luggage and took 3 taxi's to the place we are staying. (Click here to see!)

It was hard to see much when we arrived but it was definitely good to be here and we were no doubt in the city. Our building is an old but very normal building in the heart of the East Village. It is a very Eastern European neighborhood.

Tomorrow we head to the Brooklyn Tabernacle!

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