GuateDrive '08 - For the Love of Campero

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We’re stopped for lunch. Pizza Hut didn’t have a TV that had the Argentina soccer game on so Marcelo said we had to go elsewhere. We crossed the parking lot passed Pollo Campero (no TVs) to Burger King. They had the game on so we stopped there. Given the choice between BK and a new (to me) Campero, the choice was no contest. The other guys ate BK so I went to Campero alone. Of course I was rocking my Campero hat when I ordered. Though my Spanish is not that great, the only real problem I had was the fact that I just couldn’t hear the quiet cashier over the ambient noise. I told the lady working at the other end of the counter filling an order the store of how I came to have the hat. Together we had a few laughs, and she pointed out my hat to a few of the other workers. I got my order to go and took it to BK where they made me put it in BK boxes. I took off the Campero hat too. The boys went to look for a charger for Philip’s camera, which he had left in the hotel. Marcelo and I watched the end of the Argentina game (Argentina won). By the time we left our lunch stop, it was beginning to get dark and Marcelo told us that the Guatemala game would not be an option because it’d be too late when we got there. Oh well- time to roll again.

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